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We have made it as easy as possible to contact our team. If you think you have a good idea for a new feature, or you just want to say hello, sign into your account and send us a message. We have already implemented several new features that have been suggested to us by our early adopters, so if you have an idea, let us know.

Below is a poll of the most requested features. We prioritise our requests and action those which are most requests by our users, putting you at the head of our development table.

Share projects done

Share projects with third parties through an unique URL


Show who is responsible Done

Show who is responsible for each activity in the planningboard.


Show how many sub items are completed Done

Show how many sub items have been completed


Day planning Done

Assign days and times to sub items


Improve user interface Done

We have received a lot of feedback concerning the user interface. We are aiming to improve the onboarding process, men’s, edit and delete options, and generally make the user experience easier to manage. These are some of the things we are working on.

  • Move the main menu to the left top
  • Add tooltips where there are only icons
  • Improve the edit functionality
  • Instead of separate buttons, expand an activity to see more
  • Make it easier to see who’s responsible for an activity

Add comments as a viewer In Progress

After you share the plan, the viewers can leave comments inside the screen. As the planner you will receive notices.


Requests Backlog In Progress

We are working though the requests backlog as quickly as possible


For every client/company a new dashboard/planningsboard 100

A consultant/planner works for 2 or more clients. When visiting client A. The team members, (vertical) events and projects of Client A should be directly visible in one planning board without manually uncheck/hide those items.


Multiple users20

Allow multiple contributors to the same project


Archiving Projects 20

Possibility to archive a project once it has been completed. Similar to marking an activity as completed


Underlying tasks management 20

Possibility of expanding/collapsing the underlying tasks of a project


Automatically ask questions (when moving a project) 20

Automatically prompt question when the user moves (parts of ) the plan


Indicate milestones 20

Estimated Milestone indication


Setting up template projects 20

Indicate (available) slots 20

Indicate the available time slots


ISO27001 20

Resourceplanning 20

Schedule the availability of the team members

  1. How many hours a day
  2. How many hours per day per project

Add milestones 20

Fit all the projects in the browser view (compact mode) 20

If there are a lot of project (approximate 16) then they will not fit on the screen. Add an option to decrease the height of each row (compactmode)

Check/uncheck the team members per project 20

You can select per project who is part of the project team.

More than 2 status (open, complete) 10

Now it’s only possible to complete an item.

For example expand with:

On-Hold, Waiting, Delayed, Start, Planned

Undo function 10

Undo function

5 day - 7 day option (including weekends) 20

For projects where weekends are important, show a 7 day period, instead of 5 day period.

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